Phil Lynott – Heritage Lottery


TCC would like to congratulate our partners The Phil Lynott Convention (PLC) on working with us and creating a new piece of heritage for West Bromwich and in delivering a successful Heritage event that attracted over 100 visitors on the day. It was live streamed to an estimated audience attracted in excess of 1,300 views on the night and the you tube link has so far reached 1,950 views and growing. These figures mean that over 3,000 people have so far tuned in to enjoy the historic occasion plus an estimated 500 to 2,000 for the many views which will not have watched alone (June 2022).   

The Change Consortium formed the other half of the partnership whose input in managing and accounting for the finances, maintaining record keeping and evaluation were an integral part to ensure the delivery of the project.  It was at times described as herding cats. The dynamism of PLC to go off and get things done needed a guiding hand to ensure that HL funding criteria were adhered to and evidenced.

Outcomes included
  • A successful launch event.
  • The installation and unveiling of the monument with HL funding support clearly acknowledged on the plinth.
  • The creation of a YouTube video explaining the story, including footage of the launch event and later celebration. Which is available to all via the internet.
  • A brochure documenting the history made available to community and educational establishments

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